Experience of use Candidol

Maryana de Ostrava commented on her experience with Candidol

Before using Candidol, the nails were badly damaged by the fungus.

I never thought I could get a fungus, and I never took any precautions. However, at this fact, I was very sorry. I go to the gym and to the pool. I like to go barefoot. What's so surprising about that? The infection can be found everywhere. The main thing is to know how to be treated. I was not prepared and, having come a long way to recovery, I want to make life easier for everyone who suffers from the fungus. Boys! Candidol cream is what you need.

Unpleasant symptoms

It all started with a trivial redness, which, of course, I ignored. Also, the skin began to harden and exfoliate, cracks appeared. And if it weren't for the terrible itching and burning, I wouldn't have raised the alarm even then. But it became unbearable to wear closed shoes, and with open shoes I felt insecure, as the appearance of my feet was badly damaged.

Before using Candidol cream, I had several bad experiences with other drugs from the pharmacy. And the only thing I managed was to start the disease. Not only did I have to endure all these inconveniences, but the infection also spread to my nails.

Preparation against foot fungus should not raise doubts

Not having achieved a lasting effect with the available drug, I started looking for useful information on my own. The priority for me was choosing a drug with a lot of real positive reviews. Then I found Candidol.

From personal experience, I already knew that even the best remedy will not help if you are negligent and buy a fake. Therefore, I ordered the cream on the manufacturer's website with delivery. The convenient service did not cause any difficulties, the delivery arrived quickly. Here, a special thanks to the providers. Postpaid ensures the safety of your money, so there is nothing to worry about when ordering online.

Feeling of individual use

Candidol eliminated fungus and helped restore nails

When I started using Candidol, the situation was bad enough. I applied the cream twice a day, paying special attention to the nails, because that's the hardest part to get rid of the infection. The cream adapts very comfortably to the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. It is not greasy and does not have a pungent odor. It is quite possible to combine treatment with everyday life.

I can say that the itch disappeared almost immediately after the first application. The skin calmed down and active regeneration began. The damaged layers gradually peeled off and beneath them was a healthy, pink and smooth layer. Several weeks passed. The situation was more complicated with the nails. The course of use of the cream is about a month, but I decided to play it safe and continued the treatment until the nails were renewed, about two months.

My feet now look healthy and smell good. I am very happy to be able to return to my sports activities without fear of infecting anyone. And looking good is important.

Candidol solved my big problem and I am very grateful! So if you find yourself in a similar situation then feel free to use this cream otherwise you will just waste your time and let the infection grow. And the price of the cream is adequate. It is easier to buy a valid drug once than to simply spend money. In addition, discounts and promotions are now available. I definitely recommend it!