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  • Carmela
    I've always loved going to the bathhouse, and all of a sudden, a surprise! The fungus became a real disease in two weeks. The constant excruciating itch, sweating, and unpleasant smell helped me remove the Candidol cream. No one ever found out that he had an infection. Now, after the bath, I rub their feet as a prophylaxis.
  • Mario
    I found out about Candidol on the internet after a fungus was discovered on me. I liked the fact that it consists of natural ingredients, it is easy to apply, it quickly regenerates the skin and even the nails. After several days of use, the symptoms of the fungus completely disappeared, but I was treated the full course as expected. I can confidently recommend it!
  • Rosa
    The fungus is something a woman is ashamed to admit. How many I have not tried with different means, they are effective only as long as you use them. It is worth stopping use - relapse immediately. But the Candidol drug is different. One month, and the fungus is gone forever! But I struggled with him without success for several years! Can I recommend it? Yes of course!
  • Giuseppe
    The need to work in heavy, waterproof shoes led to the development of fungi. Nothing helped me with that until I tried Candidol. This cream has proven a professional approach: it absorbs quickly, eliminates itching and the fungus is completely cured. Now I don't understand why I would use something else when Candidol is there.
  • Lucia
    I have been suffering from fungus for a long time. Of course I try. But if it is still possible to get rid of it on the skin, then the nails are another matter. And from the nails it returns to the skin. It's good that Candidol cream was recommended to me. Its effect also extends to the nails. Now I am calm for the first time in many years.
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